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Unreal HD (Under the UT99 Engine)

My personal best game ever made dates back from 1998, it is Unreal! The game with probably the best graphics ever made, and at that time it showed the true top of what 3dfx could do!


Now 20(!) years later, and we can still let this wonderfull game shine with some HD texturepacks.
To get full advantage of the game, we need the engine of Unreal Tournament (1999). In there we will use a tool that let us play Unreal in the Unreal Tournament engine and will improve the game engine. 


Links:      (see the video for instructions)


The Unreal Pack 

The Unreal Pack


Second Texturepack

Second Texture pack (high end master files)


Third Texturepack:  Download all the Extreme End S3TC stock textures. (dont download missing high end files here, you just did download that in step 2)
Extreme End S3TC textures 


Thanks to for still having these textures hosted!


Final ini tweaking guide
Ini Tweaking guide 

(modified part from Raynor.z 's guide. All credit for this (OpenGL) tweaking goes to him! ) 

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