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2018, a new year for Skyrim:SE modding.

Every year the mods are getting better and better, and new files and updates are being released for Skyrim:SE all the time. Skyrim:SE is probably one of the most popular mod-able games on Nexus Mods now!

While I like the NORDIC Skyrim:SE guide, and I think the load order is great,  I don't agree with all things in that guide, and I also think there are way too many mods listed there as well. Nevertheless I used the Nordic guide as a guideline for this mod list, because thats where it is a great guide for. So a big thanks to nordic0cold for his guide.

I would like to point out that Skyrim:SE modding is also very subjective, some people like mods better then others. So install only what YOU want, its YOUR Skyrim:SE! Only be careful for mods which require master mods in that case.                                  This guide is mostly focused on visuals only!


See the Flickr page here for more screenshots

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PART 1: Preparation and Tools

In this part, we will start with the basics and preparation.  

1: Start clean. The best way to do this is by uninstalling everything, and start all over. (see video for all the steps) Also make sure to create shortcuts to your Skyrim:SE Steam folder, and create a folder where you will save all the downloaded mods.

2: Install Mod Organiser 2, and make sure you set a specific folder for your mods. (To avoid your primary drive being used for all the mod installations. This folder can become quite large.)

3: Clean masterfiles with SSEedit. This can be done directly with or with SSEedit trough MO2. Does not matter that much, since we always want to have the master files cleaned.

4: Install SSELODGEN or DynDOLOD in your MO2. We need it later for LOD generation

4: Download and install SKSE 64. Make sure to add it in MO2, since you want to launch SkyrimSE with SKSE64 from now on.

PART 2: Core Mods

Mods that you really want in this part. 

1: USSEP Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


2: Cutting Room Floor


3: A Quality World Map 


4: SkyUI


5: Immersive HUD - iHUD


6: Alternate Start - Live another Life 


7: SSE High Quality Music

You can start a new game now to see if Random Alternate start works. (and for that SKSE works) Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 3: Large Texture Packs

Mods that provide a good foundation with HQ texture packs
I borrow some of the NORDIC guide mod suggestions , because I think the author did a good job filtering out double and unwanted textures. Thanks to nordic0cold for the nice descriptions in his NORDIC guide. 

1: Static Mesh Improvement Mod 


2: Ruins Clutter Improved   (second main file)


3: Enhanced Textures Detail (In the FOMOD pick Volcanic Pools, Rocks and Cairns, Markarth Rocks, and Stonewalls. On the next page pick SHD rocks.)


4: Skyrim Realistic Overhaul  (Set the Data folder correctly with MO. This needs to be checked with all mods!)


5: NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K  (Manually download the 2nd main file for SE, and the SMIM patch under updates.)

6: Solstheim Landscape Overhaul HD 


7: SSE Texture Pack Osmodius

8: Forgotten Vale HD Ice Textures 

9: HD Lava for Dawnguard 

10: Just Ice

11: Soul Cairn HD

12: Sovngarde HD 

Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 4: Dungeons/Rocks/Mine/etc

What the title says. Mostly Dungeons and rocks textures. 

​1: Underground - A Dungeon Texture Overhaul 

2: Gecko's Nordic Ruins Textures 


3: Gecko's Dwarven Ruins Textures 


4: CC's HQ Mines 


5: CC's HQ Caves 


6: Skyland - Imperial Forts and Dungeons 


7: Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture


8: 4K - 2K Stockade Wood Revamped Re-texture 


9: Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture


10: Better Falmer Cave Ceiling Glow


11: Stunning Statues of Skyrim 


12: Mara 2K - 4K 

13: Rens HD Shrines

14: Stalhrim

Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 5: LOD Files

Decided to keep this in this part of the load order like on the Nordic guide. We are going to install the major LOD files now. Specific LOD files will be included with most mods that need specific LOD files also. Afterwards we will run either SSELODGEN or DyndoLOD.  I used the recommended info from Nordic guide as well in this section. 

​1: Y.A.L.O                             Only install the Dawnguard file, which mainly covers the Soul Cairn.

2: HD LOD Textures SE      Install the second main file, and the update since we are going to use SEELODGen.


3: Terrain LOD Redone       We need to Install the LOD resources under misc for use with SEELODGen.


Now, if you want to install any gameplay or quest mods, it might be a good time!

PART 6: Weather and sky mods

Alright, now it is time to make a choice for a weather mod. My personal choice would either be Obsidian Weathers or NAT. While it is important to know this because you want to have a matching ENB later, (I would go for Intriqued ENB with Obsidian Weathers, or NVT ENB with NAT.) you can simply switch between weather mods with Mod Organiser. (See video tutorial how to do this.)   I once created 2 showcase videos with both presets. Check the videos to get an idea of both weather/ENB combinations. 

Obsidian + Intriqued ENB


​1: So either pick NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel  or Obsidian Weathers    (or something else of course, its your game ;))

2: Ethereal Clouds


3: Skyrim textures Redone - Enhanced Night Sky


4: Smooth Sky Mesh 

Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 7: Grass/Trees/Mountains


The outdoor areas of Skyrim:SE really give it a special feeling depending how you mod it. I personally like the more 'green' Skyrim, but if you prefer the more lore friendly look, make sure to only install what you like from the below mods. 

1: Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim  - The LODS look probably very weird and broken after this, this is because we need to run SSELODGEN or Dyndolod to generate the LOD's.  You can do it right now, but we still have to do this at the end of the tutorial to make sure all LODS have been generated. 


2: Red Rocks 4k - I am going for this now as well! Only 1 file.   OR   Majestic Mountains - Choose the dark side file. In the FOMOD choose the SMIM option, and the moss rocks. Also ainstall the Old Darkside file and the LODS under optional. 

3: Obsidian Mountain Fogs -  it is already included in Obsidian weathers, but it is oke to install it if you want to switch weather mods occasionally.

4: Skyrim Trees 3D   -  It took me a while to be convinced, but 3D trees is the best! Bark can be better on some models, but ETD (the next mod) will fix most of that. Also download the UV log fix under Misc files, and of course the billboards. 

5: ET3D Every Tree 3D Different  - It requires the main file, and the Gildergreen file from 3D Trees. The textures are coming from real pictures!


6: Veydosebrom - I was a Verdant and SFO user for a very long time, but Veydosebrom is the best pick imo. Fantastic looking grass!


7: Skyrim 3D Landscapes - Fairly new to the party, but great looking! Install the main mod, and a resolution pack afterwards. Also, you can try Skyrim 3D Rocks

8: Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods   - Make sure to download  the CRF  and Random alternate start patches. And install them afterwards. Later also install JK's Skyrim patch if you are going to install that mod.


9: Riften Leaves HD 2K


10: Hanging Moss Replacer into Plant 


11: Better Nirnroot Hi-Res 2K Textures


12: No More Ugly Vines

13: Creep Cluster - 4K 

Please note that I did not install all the minor specific plant textures from the Nordic guide. The reason for this is that almost all of them are already covered now by 3d Trees and 3d plants. Also always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 8: Cities, villages, and clutter


I really dont recommend installing all the dozens of city overhauls, but just mainly keep it to JK's Skyrim. Even city re-textures might interfere sometimes, because some other city overhaul mods can alter some of the original meshes. This sometimes gives very weird looking texture texture placement. If you really want other city mods, feel free to check the Nordic guide for load orders.

1: JK's Skyrim  - As said before, my only main choice for city overhauls

2: Either R's Farmhouse and Handcarts   or  Skyland - Towns and Villages    (its a hard choice, even for me.. )  in case of R's Farmhouse and Handcarts make sure to install the main file, the red ivy hotfix under updates, and the SMIM rope patch under misc.

3: Skyrim 3D Walls    -   Yep same author as 3D trees :)  Check out Ultimate Stonewall as well for the same style walls on the guardposts.

4: CC's HQ Carts

5: Farmhouse Door 3D 

6: Rustic Windows 

7: Rugnarok 

8: Peltapalooza

9: Iconic's Real Hay 

10: HD Photorealistic Ivy   -  Also make sure to Install the patch for R's Farmhouse.


11: Noble Furniture Improved

12: Rustic Noble Furniture 

13: Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul - Nordic Guide Description: ''In the FOMOD pick the Replacer version. With this option you won't get the added clutter such as the paintings, but it won't require any patches. If you do go for the full version, the patches, and its effects on other mods isn't covered by the guide. '

14: CC's HQ Barset

15: Comfy Dwemer Beds 

16: 2K Re-texture Mage Tables 

17: Mead Barrel HD 2K 

18: Archery Target Retexture  - (Pick the optional file)


19: Training Dummies Retexture 4K and 2K  - Also install the rain barrel fix

20: HD Chopping Execution Block

21: Rustic Clutter

22: Silverware Normal Map Fix 

23: Forgotten Retex Project 

24: Misc Retexture Project

25: HD Sacks Retexture 

26: Cl's Barrels and Crates

27: Those Buckets

Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 9: Special and Misc textures


Various other textures. Quite a list, but easy to download and install. As always, if there is something you dont like, simply dont install. Almost all textures are covered by the big texture packs, so if you are really lazy you can skip these. However, these textures are specifically made so they probably look a lot better then the general texture overhaul ones.

1: CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn

2: CC's Castle Volkihar Reborn

3: Skyrim Textures Redone - Sky Haven

4: Skyrim Textures Redone - High Hrothgar 

5: Chantry College of Winterhold - make sure to install the LOD file as well

6: Ragged flagon Retexture 

7: Nightingale Circle 

8: Dark Brotherhood Tenets Redone 

9: Sweet Mother - The Night Mother Improvement 

10: Ancient Dwemer Metal 

11: CC's Enhanced Ore Veins 

12: Windhelm Enhanced - HD 4K Metalwork 

13: Lock Retexture

14: Dwemer Inchor Barrel 2K

15: Better Prisonerstuff 

16: Imperial Metal Replacer

17: Soulgem Stand Redone

18: Fluffy Snow   - also install the patches for Majestic Mountains and 3D Trees.   From the Nordic guide: ''Extras: I also install the Windhelm Bridge, and Street Fix file. It covers all the ground in the city, and on the bridge in snow. In my opinion itt looks good, and suits the city, but it is optional.''

19: Blended Roads  - also install the optional file for medieval bridges

20: Ennead Banners - the winds of war

21: Weathered Road Signs  -  Make sure to also install the CRF patch

22: HD Unique Inn-Shops Signs Remaster

23: Better Ropes

24: DeviantKaled's Nord Ship Texture Replacers

25: Viking Style Ship Sails 

26: LH's HD Leather 

27: 4K Hagraven House 

28: Texture for Leatherhide

29: Fur Tent 4K Retexture

30: Iconic WoodFires 

31: Fur Bedroll 2K - 4K

32: 2K Imperial Tents Re-texture  

33: Gemling Queen Jewelry SE

34: Necromancer Amulet Retexture

35: JS Dragon Claws SE 

36: Snazzy Model Ship

37: Rustic Elderscroll 

38: Pretty Gemstones 

39: Animated Clutter SSE 

If you want to install additional NPC mods like Interesting NPC's - 3D, or Immersive Patrols, make sure to do it right now.  (Dont get confused with NPC overhaul mods, they will follow later! ) For a list of these additional NPC mods and load orders, check out the Nordic guide. Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 10: Weapons and armors


Various weapons,amors, and clothing textures/meshes. I have not included all the mods from the Nordic guide, you can check there if you want some other weapons/armor mods. As always, install only what you like. its your Skyrim:SE.

1: Rustic Clothing


2: Rustic Forsworn


3: Immersive Armours  - Make sure to install the correct patch files in the FOMOD for the mods that you are using.


4: Cloaks and Capes


5: Immersive Weapons   - Make sure to install the correct patch files in the FOMOD for the mods that you are using.


6: Unique Uniques


7: Skyforge Weaponry


8: Draugr Weaponry SE

9:Real Bows 


10: Real Bows - Colour Match Textures


11: Dragonbone Armour and Weapons HD 

12: Daedric Armour and Weapon Improvement


13: Ebony Reforged 


14: Ancient Falmer Armour 


15: Outlandish Chitin Armour


16: JS Armoured Circlets


17: Beautiful Circlet Stones 


18: True HD Nightingale 

19: Dawn of the Dawnguard Armour

20: Thieves Guild Armour HD Revival

21: Dark Brotherhood HD Armour Re-texture 

22: TDN Vampire Armour Retexture 

23: Temple Priest Robes HD Retexture

24: aMidianBorn Imperial Light and Studded 

25: Ennead Shields 

26: Nightingale Pride - Bow and Blade Reincarnation

27: Auriel's Bow

28: Auriel's Shield 

29: ElDruin Dawnbreaker

30: Staff of Magnus HD 

31: Spellbreaker Remesh   - Install meshes and textures

32: Another Clavicus Mask 

33: Zephyr Retextured 

34: Black Bow of Fate Retexture 

35: 2k Ring of Namira Retextured 

36: 2K Retextured Ring of Hircine 

Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 11: NPC's and personal appearance


Warning! Very Subjective! This part is very dependent on personal taste. Only install the mods you like!
In my opinion, some of the mods are really making a difference in the Skyrim:SE world, here are my favourites:

1: ApachiiSkyHair  - install also the extra male and female files. Also install the fix for Khajiit Apachii Sky Hair, and the fix for Hair 82 under misc. 

2: ApachiiSkyHair Natural Re-texture - more natural hair, but very subjective! compare screenshots from the original mod and this one first before you decide to install!!!


3: KS Hairdos SSE 


4: Divine People of Skyrim -  Did not knew this mod, but Nordic guide says:  ''An under rated or less known mod. It has a file that covers both men, and women, and one that just covers men. Only install the Men Only File, which edits over 200 males. I install the custom hair option, but if you prefer vanilla, the option is there. It users your body, and texture choice.'' 


5:  Botox for Skyrim SE    - If it is up. Its been set hidden for quite a while now. If it is still hidden, just continue with the list


6: The Ordinary Women SSE


7: Pandorable's NPC's - Install the optional file for USSEP after the main


8: Bijin All in One SE    -  Oke, I am going to use the explanation from the Nordic guide, because it is spot on:
Description: This works differently to how other mods are installed. Please read the guide notes before installation. 

''Bijin is a series of mods by the talented author rxkx22. The mods included in the series are Bijin Warmaidens, Bijin NPC's, Bijin Wives, and Seranaholic (which also includes a file for Valerica). What the Bijin All in One ESP does, is merge those mods together, so that you can have them all for one ESP rather than several.

Installation: First install the mods from the Bijin series. You have the option to install Warmaidens, NPC's, and Wives together, or to install those plus Seranholic (Install Seranaholic version 1.7 found under old files). The links to these mods can be found on the All in One page. Install them in that order.

Serana, and Valerica look great, but you may want to check out other Serana overhaul mods before making your choice. You could overwrite Serana with another mod if you wanted to keep Valercia.

Once that is done install the Bijin All In One ESP, but make sure it is the right one for you. 

The three main versions of the ESP are:

Bijin AlO 2018 - Patched for USSEP
Bijin AlO 2018 Immersive College of Winterhold - Patched for USSEP, and ICOW.
Bijin AlO 2018 Immersive Weapons - Patched for USSEP, and Immersive Weapons.

There is also two versions for each of these choices.

Serana Valerica (SV) - Use this version of the above options if you also installed the Serana file. 
Use the version that doesn't say Serana Valerica, or SV, if you didn't use the Serana file.

Choice: The option to install ICOW comes later in the guide. If you decide to use it, you will have to pick the ESP that also patches it. This does mean you will lose the edits from Immersive Weapons for any NPC's the Bijin mods edit, but ICOW will have to take priority. 

For now, I would just install the one for USSEP, or the one for USSEP, and Immersive Weapons, and then change it for the one that patches them for ICOW later, if you end up using it. Changing it will be a quick, and easy process even if you're using NMM. Just uninstall it, and install the ICOW version instead. 

You can now deactivate the plugins for Warmaidens, NPC's, Wives, and Seranaholic in your load order, but keep the All in One ESP active. 

Body and Textures: These mods use their own body, and textures. Pick the same body type you intend to use for consistency with armour, and clothes mods. Your female body choice will be installed after these NPC overhauls, and you can check out the options there (scroll down a little), if you haven't decided already. 

On the files page for Warmaidens, NPC's, and Wives, there is an optional file for higher quality skin textures, but I don't think they're needed (at least at 1080p). However, on the All in One files page, there is a file to improve the body meshes, which I would recommend. ''

9:  Toccata Follower SE


10: Masculine Khajiit Textures 


11: Masculine Argonian Textures 


12: SkySight Skins  


13: Racemenu


14: XP32 Maximum Skeleton  - A great mod, but dont install the MCM options because it requires a lot of extra work. 

15: Go for Caliente's beautiful body Enhancer - CBBE   or UNP Female Body Replacer     Both great choices, I however focus on CBBE in my own setup. 


16: Feminine Khajiit Textures


17: Feminine Argonian Textures


18: Fair Skin Complexion   - Dont get distracted by the non lore friendly screenshots, its a great skin mod. Dont select the extra eyebrow option however in the FOMOD because it gives an ESP. (It is an Oldrim mod, meaning that only textures can be used. not plugins. Doing so will CTD for sure!)


19: Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered


20: Darling Eye Replacer  -  A fairly new mod, (I always used the Eyes of Beauty) , but this one looks great.


21:  Underworld Awakening - Hybrid Vampire Eyes -  Dont let the name distract you as lore unfriendly movie stuff, great mod!

22: Immersive Weapons Patches- Please note! If you installed only specific Bijinn mods, (and not the all-in-one) use the second option


If you want to install any follower packages or other custom followers, please do that now. They are of course optional. Check out the ''followers'' section of the Nordic guide to get some inspiration. Also always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order. Afterwards install:

23: Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT)

PART 12: Body Specific armor


For this part, body specific armor sets. (CBBE in my case)  There are a lot of armour and clothing mods available for Skyrim:SE, check out the specific categories at the Skyrim:SE Nexus. See here:


1:Bodyslide and Outfit Studio   - A tool if you care about adjusting new outfits, armor, and clothing to the CBBE body mod if they are not converted to CBBE yet. To be really honest I dont care that much about it, because when I download new armors, I always choose a specific CBBE version. Check out the explanation from the Nordic guide if you want to learn more about it, or check out the mod page of course.

2: Immersive Armours SSE CBBE Bodyslide Conversion   -  For this mod. Convert the armors to a better fitting CBBE.

3: Apachii Divine Elegance Store - I like this mod, because it is very simple, but very easy to just buy CBBE armor ingame instead of having to craft everything.

 Now some example armors and I like, but there are way too many to put everything in this guide. Like I said before, check out the Skyrim:SE Nexus or Nordic guide for inspiration or to browse CBBE armor sets. 

5: The Shadow Scale Set 2.0 for SSE

6: Tribunal Robes and Masks for SSE

Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order. (and any patches for it if you installed any)

PART 13: Children and Creatures


Children and creature re-texturing.   All are optional. If you are lazy, or dont really care for creature re-texturing, feel free to skip this (very) long part. I would suggest that you install at least the second mod, because it will overhaul already a lot of creatures for you with a single mod. (You lazy dog ;)   )

1: The Kids are Alright   -  According to the Nordic guide, there might be a small chance that there could be a face bug. In that case:  ''Go to TKAA files page, and install The Loose Facegen Files under optional. It overwrites the main mod, and won't cost you an ESP.''

2: Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack SSE 


3: Skeleton 4K Retexture


4: Enhanced HD Dragon Bones

5: Draugr 

6: Dragon Priest

7: Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks SE

8: Falmer 

9: Hagraven

10: Falmer Ear and Hagraven Claw 

11: Realistic Skin Shaders - Falmer and Hagravens

12: Transparent and Refractive Icicle and Frost Atronach

13: Morrowind-Style Soul Gems

14: Ice Wraith and Dragon Priest Retexture 4-2K 

15: Giant

16: Realistic Skin and Hair Shaders 

17: Troll

18: Rustic Spriggan 

19: Rustic Atronachs

20: Seeker and Lurker - Creature Retex 

21: Wispmother

22: Frostspider 4K Re-texture

23: HD Werewolf Retexture 

24: Rustic Death Hound and Gargoyle 

25: Ashes and Flames 

26: Savage Bear

27: Immersive Smilodens

28: Immersive Dragons

29: Mammoth

30: Sabrecat 

31: Horker 4K Texture

32: PondFish and Salmon Replacer - Texture

33: Realistic Horse Breeds by KrittKitty 

34: Horse Saddle Retextures 

If you want to install extra animals and/or creatures, make sure to do it right now. You can check out the Nordic guide for a good list of what is available and the correct load/installation order. Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 14: Special effects and textures


Effects like fire which had no other category. Install what you like. 

1:  Corpse Burned UHD 

2: Khonsu Shadowmarks

3: Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD  

4: Embers HD

5: Burnt Wood

6: Frozen Electrocuted Combustion 

7: Electrify S.E.

8: Deadly Spell Impacts 

9: Ash Pile Retexture 

10: HD Oil Puddle

11: Dust Effects

If you want to use an audio overhaul, make sure to install it right now. Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.

PART 15: Lighting, water, and the rest


Lighting mods and all the load order sensitive mods now. 

1: Enhanced Lights and FX   -   Despite what the author of the Nordic guide says, imo ELFX is *the* best lighting mod out there. It might be a but more buggy or even a bit more instable then the other lighting mods, but the quality of the mod makes it up for that! In the FOMOD dont pick any weather options and I would also not recommend to pick the enhancer.  It makes things a bit too dark imo. 

2: Unofficial ELFX - SMIM FPS Patch

3: HD Candle Flames

4: Webs S.E.

5: Realistic Water Two -  Best water mod since oldrim imo. In the FOMOD I don't pick any of the options on the first page or any on the second page. Pick water colour.

6: Beautiful Water Replacement Overhaul 

7: Realistic Water Two LOD Fix

8: Install the RW2 patch from JK Skyrim now as well. (under misc) 

9: Volcanic Tundra - Heat Wave Effects 

If there is something else from the Nordic Guide: load order sensitive mods section, make sure to check that out now and install what you like from there. Also always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.



Yes yes boys and girls, we are reaching the end of this guide! I will not handle any animation mods, because I dont really care for those. A lot of work needs to be done, and also you are going to need FNIS. If you really want to have a look at the animations section from The Nordic guide, do that now.  

1: Pick either Intrigued ENB if you installed Obsidian weathers in part 6 of the weather mods, or If you installed NAT, pick Natural View Tamriel (NVT) ENB

Being lazy as ever, I copied the installation instructions from Firemanaf (the author of both ENB's) They are the same for both ENB's: (big thanks to him for all his help)

1. Download ENB Binary V345 from here: ENB V.345 Binary
2. Extract ENB Binary folder (Suggest using program called 7-Zip) and open wrapper folder
3. Copy ONLY the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll and paste into your Skyrim Game folder (Same location as launcher)
4. Download and Extract File (Recommend using a program called 7 Zip)
5. Open Main File (Install)
6. Select Version and open folder you want (Full Quality, Quality or Performance)
7. Copy all contents and paste into your Skyrim Game Folder (Same location as your launcher)
8. ( #8-10 Optional if want different DOF strengths) Open Optional DOF folder
9. Open Folder of DOF you want ( Stronger, Extreme, Screen-Archery, Subtle or Static)
10. Copy contents of folder and paste into your Skyrim Folder and allow to overwrite 
11. Now you can play Skyrim:SE 

2: Skyrim:SE Weather control   - Since I like to create showcases, I really use this mod a lot. It allows you to simpy change the weather instead of having to use the FW commands. I would suggest you check out the ''clear'' and ''cloudy'' weather for your Weather/ENB presets to see how your game looks.

3: Last but not least, we can now generate the LOD files with SSELODGEN or DynDoLod.  I will use SSELODGEN in this case because it is more easy to use. We installed SSELODGEN at part 1.  Run it inside MO2, else it will not work! The LOD generation will take very long. 10/15 minutes is normal!  in SSELODGEN, tick all the checkboxes. then I would suggest these settings here.

While perhaps still not perfect, the LOD's should look very good after generating the LOD files.

Thats all folks!  Your game should look great and should also be stable enough.  If you want to install some mods afterwards, thats no problem as long as you make sure to drag and drop the installed mod in the correct load order, and do the same for the .esp files if your  new mod has them.     

Also, you can join the Discord channel to discuss the mod list, give suggestions, or ask help if you encounter any problems.




Thank you for following my guide! have fun with it!

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