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Fallout 3 is one of the best games ever made, and also one of the most played games of all times.

Since Fallout4 has been announced, step back into Fallout 3 as you never saw it before with this Fallout 3 ultimate graphics tutorial!

With this tutorial your Fallout 3 will never look the same again! (see the end result on the end of the video to get an impression)

We will highly improve: Textures, NPC's, Weather, Lightning, and will add a great ENB!


Download links to all the mods used in the video tutorial in the sections below.



1 Nexus mod manager


2 Fallout script extender


3 Fallout community patch


4 Fake fullscreen mode



1 Fallout 3 Large Address Aware Enabler


2 Fallout 3 stutter remover


3 Better game performance





1 Project reality


2 Fallout 3 Re-Animated 


3 Fallout 3 Redesigned 


4 Realistic Interior Lighting 


5 Megaton Lighting Overhaul 


6 SmoothLight 


7 Fallout Street Lights 


8 Flora Overhaul 


9 Enhanced Camera 


10 Energy Visuals Enhanced 








NMC's Texture Pack 


2 UHQ Terrain Overhaul 


3 Mothership Zeta Retextured 


4 Megaton Texture Pack 


5 Rivet City Texture Pack 


6 Hi-Res Weapons 


7 Enhanced Blood Textures 


8 Clutter and Furniture Texture Pack 


9 MG's Neat Clutter 


10 Vandr HD Creatures 


11 Ghouls Texture Pack 


12 HD Fire and Explosions 


13 Chem and Medicine Texture Pack 


14 Fallout 3 Hirezd 


15 Skill Books Texture Pack 


16 Better Booze 


17 What's Your Brand 


18 Pre-war and Burnt Book Texture Pack


19 Labels Texture Pack 


20 Improved Glass Bullet Impact 


21 Improved LOD Noise Texture 


22 Pip-Boy 3000 Re-texture 


23 Chinese Stealth Armor Re-texture 


24 Enclave Power Armor Re-texture 


25 Robot Revolution 


26 Lunch Box Re-texture 


27 Pre-war Money Re-texture 


28 Mothership Zeta Earth Re-texture 


29 Hi-Detailed Map 


30 Fallout Character Overhaul 





Midhrastic ENB for Fallout 3 

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