GTA 5 is already a great looking game, but modded it can even look more fantastic!

In this tutorial, we are going to install various graphic mods to let our GTA 5 look like the below screenshots. This all with a fantastic lightning mod, ENB,

and Reshade!

In this tutorial I will also show how to install customs cars, so you can install any car that you want.


See the Flickr page here for more


iIn this part, we will start with the basics.  

OpenIV for the mod manager, and Scripthook as a script libary tool for running ASI plugins.  Scripthook also comes with a basic trainer with very handy functions for GTA 5 mod testing. (We are going to replace the basic trainer with an enhanced native trainer)

- Script Hook V + Native Trainer

- Enhanced Native Trainer

- Open IV

- GTAV No intro video


If you are playing online, I strongly suggest to create 2 GTA 5 folders! One for online play, and one for (modded) offline play. Even when disabling the ASI loaders, the ENB and scripthook files are still in your main game folder.  

I am not responsible for you getting banned because you go online with your modded GTA 5!

                           So create 2 versions for online and offline play! Better safe then sorry!

PART 2: Texture mods + ENB/Reshade

In part 2, it is time for the texture mods.


These texture packs will ​make a big difference for GTA V with sharp textures, better looking roads, etc.

Make sure you follow the instructions in the video tutorial.

- ProjectRELOAD Texture Overhaul

- L.A. Roads 2.0

- 2k Water

- Make Visuals Great again

Make Visuals Great Again, also contains the ENB and Reshade.

I did choose for MVGA because I think it has the best looking overhaul/ENB/reshade. But you can pick your own ENB/Reshade if you want of course.

PART 3: Cars

In part 3, it is time for custom cars.

The most popular thing to mod in GTA 5, has always been custom cars.


You have the option to use a big all-in-one car pack which replaces almost every car in GTA V with real-life versions of the cars!

I will also show you how to install single cars as the instructions sometimes look a bit complicated.

- GTA V all in one car replacer

- More custom GTAV cars

Tutorial Video

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