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GTA 5 is already a great looking game, but modded it can even look more fantastic!

In this tutorial, we are going to install various graphic mods to let our GTA 5 look like the below screenshots. This all with a fantastic lightning mod, ENB,

and Reshade!

In this tutorial I will also show how to install customs cars, so you can install any car that you want.


See the Flickr page here for more

Grand Theft Auto V 07.20.2017 - 00.44.47
Grand Theft Auto V 07.18.2017 - 17.52.56
Grand Theft Auto V 07.20.2017 - 00.58.41
Grand Theft Auto V 07.20.2017 - 00.46.42
Grand Theft Auto V 07.20.2017 - 00.53.27
Grand Theft Auto V 07.18.2017 - 19.58.39


iIn this part, we will start with the basics.  

OpenIV for the mod manager, and Scripthook as a script libary tool for running ASI plugins.  Scripthook also comes with a basic trainer with very handy functions for GTA 5 mod testing. (We are going to replace the basic trainer with an enhanced native trainer)

- Script Hook V + Native Trainer

- Enhanced Native Trainer

- Open IV

- GTAV No intro video


If you are playing online, I strongly suggest to create 2 GTA 5 folders! One for online play, and one for (modded) offline play. Even when disabling the ASI loaders, the ENB and scripthook files are still in your main game folder.  

I am not responsible for you getting banned because you go online with your modded GTA 5!

                           So create 2 versions for online and offline play! Better safe then sorry!

PART 2: Texture mods + ENB/Reshade

In part 2, it is time for the texture mods.


These texture packs will ​make a big difference for GTA V with sharp textures, better looking roads, etc.

Make sure you follow the instructions in the video tutorial.

- ProjectRELOAD Texture Overhaul

- L.A. Roads 2.0

- 2k Water

- Make Visuals Great again

Make Visuals Great Again, also contains the ENB and Reshade.

I did choose for MVGA because I think it has the best looking overhaul/ENB/reshade. But you can pick your own ENB/Reshade if you want of course.

PART 3: Cars

In part 3, it is time for custom cars.

The most popular thing to mod in GTA 5, has always been custom cars.


You have the option to use a big all-in-one car pack which replaces almost every car in GTA V with real-life versions of the cars!

I will also show you how to install single cars as the instructions sometimes look a bit complicated.

- GTA V all in one car replacer

- More custom GTAV cars

Tutorial Video

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