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Windows 10 Pro Retail Version 1x

Original Retail Price: $249

Our price: $12,50  

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Windows 10 PRO Retail Bulk prices

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Why buy software at

  • Instant delivery!   All on a brand new secured website.

  • These are unused, brand new keys which can be used to activate the software legitimately.

  • Regarding software, these are ALL retail keys. This means software is not sold as an OEM key, which could be bound to your motherboard SN. Also officially its not allowed for OEM keys to be installed afterwards.

  • These keys are 100% verified against (credit card) fraud. No worries that the key might became invalid.

  • These products are multi-language and region free. This means that the key will function worldwide.

  • As long as you are able to buy a key, there is stock available!

  • No extra hidden fees or tax. 

  • Support yourself and!

The reason why I did start this initiative is because I think everyone needs a stable foundation for their modding and other PC needs.   A legitimate and genuine copy of the software would be a very good start, and with the price tags below I think you would be crazy not to purchase a 100% legitimate copy. 


I now offer CD keys for sale for very low discount prices, so there is no reason anymore to download pirated copies which can cause all kind of issues regarding security and patches.  Also you are never sure what you are actually installing when using a pirated version you just did download somewhere.

Also be careful with random key websites, because sometimes these keys are bought with stolen credit cards, and they can be deactivated afterwards.  We have seen this with various games already.

Please note, digital keys are of course not refundable!  Please make sure you order the correct product.  If a key does not work, send me a message, and I will activate it on a virtual machine.  If the key is not working, you will receive a new one. If the key does work, you will not get a refund! 

Where are the games? 
99% of all orders were regarding Windows 10 Pro Retail. Since games age pretty quick, it was a bit of a challenge keeping up stock for this.