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My name is Roderick, I live in the Netherlands, and I am the creator of

Born in the mid/end 80’s, and playing my first game at the beginning of the 90’s, I’ve experienced some great tech and gaming history so far! In my opinion, the best games and graphics innovation were released by the end of the 90’s. You could notice that by then games were made with love instead of publishers pushing developers like today.


The first game I ever played was ‘’Mother Goose’’ on a 086 with a monochrome screen. I think I was 3/4 years or something like that by then. My brother and sister made me believe the game was made for our family because they linked the NPC’s to family members. (I didn’t really understand English at my age, so it seemed pretty legit at that time for me.)

the past.png

When I was 5/6 years old, we first got our Amiga 500. Floppy drive based, and this was a true classic console where I spend many years on playing. While my friends at that age used to have NES or SNES consoles, I preferred the Amiga always over the NES/SNES.
A couple of years later we also got a 486DX, where I first were able to play my games with DOS. (launch games from CD-ROMS etc, could be quite a challenge if you are a kid ;) ) Later on we got Windows 3.1 on it, as well as a sound blaster card and an (external) 2x CD Rom drive which was pretty neat.


Around 1996, we got one of the best PC’s at that time, a Pentium 2 350mhz, with 128mb ram, and a Voodoo2 3dfx card. Hexen 2 was the first 3dfx game I’ve ever played, and I could not believe how fantastic it looked. At that time 3d graphics made huge improvements every year, with the climax of Unreal released in 1998. Just 2 years after Quake and Hexen 2 if I remember correctly.

A couple of years later I got a Pentium 4 PC which was my first own PC and did not had to share it anymore with the rest of the family. The first PC where I played my most played game ever on. Unreal Tournament.
After that I got 3 other PC’s before buying the PC I am still working and playing on today.


Everything began with Unreal / Unreal Tournament (1998/1999).
Apart from the modding there, I also spend many years on mapping and creating maps for many years.
I also tried to start making maps for Half Life and Quake, but I didn’t like it that much, so I sticked to Unreal mapping/modding.


From there, modding,editing, and mapping have always kept my interest.
When I wanted to have the best graphics possible for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, I discovered that there was not a video tutorial available at Youtube. Once I did the research myself, I decided why to not make a video of the whole process, and put it on Youtube myself. From there, my Youtube activity increased very rapidly, and continuing to do so.



Intel i7 12700k


Nvidia FE RTX 3090 



Audioengine A5 speakers black

Audioengine S8 subwoofer black

Focal Clear

SoundBlaster X7 DAC

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