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GTA V Modded

WELCOME TO PREDCALIBER.COM is your source for converting the best videogames ever made in (super)HD games, so you can replay and experience

your favourite games again in 2018 graphics! Always the best and most up to date collection of mods you can find on the internet. 
What makes this site special? Video tutorials! This website offers easy to follow step by step video tutorials! No long readme files, or complicated actions. Just do the same as on the videos! How easy can it be?

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Skyrim - Special Edition Modded

GRAPHICS TUTORIALS has graphics tutorials for many games like TES:V Skyrim (Special Edition), TES IV: Oblivion, GTA V, Kingdom Come Deliverance, but also more classic games like Doom or Unreal. Click on the 'see more' button to view various screenshots of the modded games on my flickr page. You can find all the tutorials in the menu above.

Unreal Engine 4 Demo


With Unreal Engine 4, we are reaching a new generation of next gen graphics. Some of the demos which have been created so far, are almost reaching photorealistic graphics. loves to show these demos to the ones who do not have the required PC hardware to run the demos. Check out the Unreal Engine 4 showcases in the showcases section.



Check out the tutorials if you want to mod your own games, or check out the showcases

if you just want to be amazed by the beauty of graphics. Enjoy!

TES IV : Oblivion Modded

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Modded


Use the contact form or E-mail to get in touch with me, or join our fantastic Discord channel! 

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